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Hi! I’m Hermione, a UX designer living in Munich, Germany. Before that I was living in Greece studying business and management with a focus on Tourism and working as a Visual Merchandiser, using my design skills to help promote the products and services of retail businesses.

After I finished my bachelor's degree I wrote my thesis about Medical Tourism in Greece and there I understood that I was really into health businesses and medical software. I also tried to create a small business to help Greece promote its Medical Tourism. (Didn’t work out).

I was accepted for a Masters's degree in Marketing in London but I realized it wasn’t really meant for me.
So I knew that I have to do something I really enjoy doing, something that combines design thinking and creativity but also something that will give me the opportunity to make a better world. I found out about UX design.

Since then I’m designing healthcare-related products that I believe make an impact and working as a freelancer. I’m really into accessibility and I’m writing some stuff about it in Medium occasionally.